August 4, 2007

Chickens and Pynchon

I want to have a house with chickens that run free. Like in a third-world country. Is this possible? I’m sure it violates some health code or other. But, honestly, how cool would that be?

On another note, I’ve–once again–started reading Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow. This will be attempt four or five, I can’t remember. But, this time, I have another tool at my disposal. Zak Smith, a young, American artist did a piece currently on view and The Walker Art Center (where I work, incidentally). He did one drawing for each page of the book. An epic undertaking, considering that Gravity’s Rainbow is beyond complex and is a rather difficult read (okay, a really, really difficult read). I bought the book of his drawings and am making myself stop after each page and look at his interpretations. This prevents my normal problem with Pynchon, where I lose myself in his culde-sac prose and end up reading an entire chapter and at the end thinking, “when the hell did he start having sex with a one-limbed prostitute,” or “when did he start talking about black Nazis?”

Check it out here.

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Chickens and Pynchon