August 6, 2007

Morning Update

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That is page 39 of Gravity’s Rainbow. I’m on page 49: “They were in love, fuck the war.”

I haven’t had my coffee yet, and as I’m working a temporary office job at S___ C___ P___, I won’t be getting coffee until my lunch break. If this seems counter-intuitive to you, I would tell you that, yes, it is. For reasons passing understanding, there is no coffee in this office. There is only Coke and bottled water. I can feel the film on my teeth as they rot away into a lunar landscape: craters of cavities, canals of rot. In conclusion, not only am I tired and grumpy (no coffee) but worried about the state of my teeth, what with the chain-smoking, early-morning Coke drinking, regular coffee binging, using my roommate’s odd-smelling toothpaste (I’m out), and poor hygiene in general and all.

On another note, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are going to pose nude for a photo shoot, undoubtedly to try to deal with people like this:

I don’t think one single person who believed Tom Cruise was gay prior to his courtship, engagement, marriage, and subsequent childbirth of Katie (not necessarily in that order) has since changed his or her mind.

Just thought you should know. (This from SAWF News, via Radar Online)

My friend A___–the same one’s whose Pilates prowess has pushed my abs into a quivering, gelatinous mess–has challenged me to build a model schooner. She doubted my origami abilities, and, as one who has built an entire city (a model one, obviously) out of paper, I took a bit umbrage with this. Here is my model, which, as I’ve been discovering, may be a bit too ambitious–par for the course, really:

I fear I may have set off on another hopelessly complex task. I’ve completed the base and foremast so far, but am having a little trouble with the double jib.

Pictures forthcoming.

From Wikipedia.

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